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Soap- Blessed Bath

Soap- Blessed Bath

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Lemon Lemon - Our Lemon Lemon Soap is

made with lemon essential

oil, lemongrass essential oil

and lemon peel. The acid in

lemons is antibacterial as

well as antiseptic and it

helps exfoliate and tone your

skin. Lemongrass relieves

stress and it contains a lot of

antimicrobial and antifungal

properties which make it a

perfect choice for those

dealing with pimples and

acne. This soap will TRULY

Bless your Bath!!!


Coconut Detox - Our Coconut Detox Soap made

with Coconut milk and

Activated charcoal to deep

cleanse the skin by removing

all sorts of impurities like dirt,

dust, and dead cells. The

coconut milk without causing

excessive dryness. Our

Coconut Detox soap

preserves your skin’s natural

hydration, reduces pore size,

reduces wrinkles, and

tightens your skin.


Sweet Orange - Our Sweet Orange Soap is

made with orange essential

oil, bergamot essential oil

and orange peel. The

Orange essential oil reduces

anxiety and depression. It

has antibacterial, antiseptic

and antifungal properties

which make it a perfect

choice for those dealing with

pimples and acne. Bergamot

essential oil has the ability to

help improve overall skin

health. Our New Sweet

Orange Soap ALSO features

Organic Mango Butter!!! This

Amazing butter helps with

bruises, blemishes, dry

cracked skin, eczema,

psoriasis, wrinkles and

MORE. This soap will be

calming, uplifting and be a

Blessing to your bath.


Pink Lady - This soap contains French

Pink Clay, Geranium

Essential Oil and Rosehip

Essential Oil. Along with this

clay’s exfoliating properties,

Geranium Essential Oil’s

antibacterial, antimicrobial,

and antiseptic properties

make it beneficial for

reducing acne breakouts,

skin irritation, and skin

infections. Rosehip Essential

Oil adds to this by

regenerating your skin.


Rosemary Thyme - Rosemary Thyme soap is

made with rosemary

essential oil, Rosemary leaf

powder and Thyme herbs.

Rosemary essential oil has

antiseptic, astringent,

antibacterial, and antiviral

properties. It helps balance

oily or problem skin and is a

beneficial additive to

skincare products meant to

soothe dry or oily skin,

eczema, inflammation, and

acne.This soap is an

amazing addition to your

skincare routine and will

definitely Bless your Bath!!!


Oatmeal - Some Benefits Of Oatmeal

Soap are that it is naturally

moisturizing, relieves skin

Irritation and itching,

exfoliates the skin naturally

and reduces oil from the

skin. Oatmeal can also help

treat acne, eczema, rosacea

and rashes. Cocoa butter is

included in this soap

because it is a superb

moisturizer which slows

down moisture loss, it’s

gentle on the skin and has a

pleasing aroma.